Boutique Approach to Big Games

We are building the tech and tools that make the leading game services of tomorrow possible.

Metaplay is not a one-size-fits-all gadget for newcomers but rather a highly customisable power tool for experienced developers working on ambitious projects. Our philosophy is to work less like a middleware provider and more like a highly specialised internal tech department: we work with our customers to dog food our tech and make sure it actually solves the right problems and gets games to global scale!

Helsinki in the winter

On the Shoulders of Giants

We are company of industry veterans with a passion for games and game development. Together we’ve founded many games and tech companies, shipped games to the top charts and felt the real pains of top tier game development. We, like many of our peers, have had to build online tech from scratch time and again for our games and that’s only gotten more intense with F2P and mass shifts towards LiveOps. Metaplay was born from this lack of off-the-shelf products that we could have used in our previous companies to ship online games faster.

We're Here for the Long Game

Metaplay is completely employee owned and not looking for explosive growth with the cost of endangering our clients and partners. Building something exceptional takes time, patience and attention to real life details. We work in close partnerships with ambitious game studios to make their games mutual long term successes while integrating those learnings back to Metaplay SDK to make everyone’s lives that much better!

Helsinki in the winter

Job Opportunities

We are based in Helsinki and always on the lookout for exceptional individuals who share our passion for making game development better!

Honestly, as a self-funded startup we can’t compete with big games companies in direct salaries. Instead, we can offer unprecedented ownership and freedom around your own work, how you choose to pursue it and its financial upside. As an early staff member you would not just be building a product, but also building a company and a work environment to be proud of.


Office location: Kamppi @ Helsinki, Finland
Working language: English
Office hours: Flexible, core hours 10-16
Relocation help: Yep, let’s talk!
Outside investors: 0
Weekly meetings: 1


We’re currently looking for senior backend and cloud infrastructure developers to help us take Metaplay SDK to the next level.

If we've got your imagination running, please drop us an email telling us a bit about yourself and what you’d like to do in the future!