Win-win Business Model

Free-to-play games require a stable long-term partnership. That's what we do.

Long-Term Partnership

Our technology and business are all about the long tail.

Aligned Success Case

We only make money if the game is successful. Let's get you there!

Reserved Support Bandwidth

You can rely on us being available when you need it the most.

Flexible Like In-house Technology

Extend and integrate the code base with other services as your business grows.

Products & Services

Our support services complement the actual technology license to keep your development team lean.

Metaplay SDK License

  • Game server platform
  • Unity client SDK
  • LiveOps dashboard
  • Infrastructure code
  • Monitoring & logging
  • Documentation
  • Example game project
  • All future releases

  • Revenue share OR a daily fee based on active users

Service Contract

  • Dedicated project staffing
  • Second-line support (8/5)
  • Incident response (8/5)
  • Project onboarding and training
  • Dev environments in Metaplay cloud
  • Input to product roadmap
  • Update merges for first 12 months

  • Fixed monthly fee

Feature Development

  • Co-development on technically challenging backend features

  • Optional; to be discussed case-by-case

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Metaplay SDK License

A super permissive license with a scalable fee to align our long-term interests.

Our license agreement gives you the necessary legal protections you need to prevent disruptions to your live games. A scalable license fee means your operating costs only grow as the game grows, so you can financially de-risk the most uncertain early days of your game projects. With the license you get access to our whole SDK as source code, any future improvements to it and the permission to build your own extensions on top of it at no extra costs.

We make no claims to your game, IP, self-hosted environments or player data and your are free to host and distribute your game as you want. We just provide the technology and get our of your way!

Own your game

Your servers & your data.
As simple as that.

Extend Freely

Full access to our code and the right to build on it as you wish.

Worst-case Legal Protection

You retain access to the SDK even if something happens to us! you can focus on shipping 🚀

Service Contract

Don't become an expert in online games technology. Let us help you instead!

Online game development and operations is a universe of its own that often requires one or more dedicated specialists for even the smallest teams. By working hands-on with our initial customers, we realized that we can efficiently lift some of that burden from your teams. We can help keep your team's development momentum up and you can avoid hiring more people.

Our service contract guarantees dedicated bandwidth from our expert staff. We literally run and test Metaplay SDK updates against your game project on our machines and work together on source code level to solve any issues that may pop up. Additionally we can even host some services on your behalf for even more focus during early development!

Dedicated project staffing

A shared Slack channel, direct Git PR’s from Metaplay staff and (optionally) weekly status calls.

Onboarding and training

Hands-on-keyboard help to get your team shipping and confident with Metaplay.

Dev environments in Metaplay cloud

No need to think about cloud infra and AWS accounts on the first day!

Second-line support

We'll help you resolve Metaplay-related production issues during office hours.

Incident response

We will help you resolve deployment incidents during office hours.

Input to the Metaplay SDK Roadmap

Regular sessions with the product team to talk about the future and how we could help.

12 months of SDK update integration

Our team will manually merge new SDK releases directly into your Git as PRs ready for review. you can focus on shipping 🚀

Joint Feature Development

We can help you extend Metaplay SDK to cover new use-cases.

Sometimes you might want to develop complex new features that rely on a robust and scalable backend implementation. While Metaplay is meant to be extended in exactly this way, the low-level implementation may require special expertise.

We can negotiate about feature development projects on a case-by-case basis. Our preferred model is a flexible by-the-hour billing and a co-ownership of the resulting IP to make the feature play well together with the rest of the Metaplay SDK.

Save time

Our expert games backend staff knows how to build tech without roundabouts.

Save money

No need to hire dedicated backend experts just for that one feature.

Reduce risks

We have practical experience about what can go wrong at scale and how to prepare for it.

Reduce maintenance

We support and maintain SDK features so you don't have to worry about regressions! you can focus on shipping 🚀

Ready to aim higher?

Got something ambitious and pondering about the right way to solve the backend story for your project?

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