Feature Overview

Metaplay is the backend we dreamed of having when developing games in our previous lives!

Like an In-House Backend

Metaplay ships with full source, giving you the same customizability as you'd have with an in-house backend!

Great Development Workflow

Write your game logic once, in C#. Work in the IDE you love and test easily for very fast iteration times.

Designed For
Ambitious Games

Metaplay is proven to work at massive scale, and is built for the needs of top-tier mobile games.

Your code, your cloud

Main Features

All Metaplay SDK components share the same core ideology and vision of what makes online game development great.

Shared C# Game Logic

All game logic code is written once, in C#, to make it easy to add new features to your game.

Authoritative Server

All player actions are validated on the server by default, making your game impervious to cheaters.

Extensible Everywhere

No two games are alike. We ship everything as source code for easy extensibility.

Real-Time Gameplay

Server entities communicate with each other in milliseconds for super snappy multiplayer features!

LiveOps Ready

Notifications, player segmentation, events, dynamic shop offers, and whatever you want to build!

Batteries Included

Player management, social platform logins, guilds, IAP validation, debugging tool, and more!

Massively Scalable

Load tested to over a million concurrents with multiple layers of scaling.

Proven Technology

Our tech already serves tens of millions of players across multiple games and genres.

Unity Client Library

Native workflows and hand-tuned client networking code.

Metaplay SDK includes tooling and example code for efficient online game development workflows inside Unity. We've also expanded or straight up replaced many of the standard Unity networking components for better real-life reliability and performance.

Editor Support

Fully develop and test the game without deploying to devices.

Offline Mode

Write and test game logic completely offline, even on devices!

Connection Management

Built-in helpers for managing the server connection under unreliable real world conditions.

Client Prediction

All actions run on the client for instant game UI feedback.

De-sync Debugger

Unity Editor tooling for debugging the most common out-of-sync scenarios.

Incident Reports

Generate full reports of problems with client logs and stack traces for remote debugging.

Performance First

From a custom networking protocol to optimized serializers, your game will run fast.

Example Project: Idler

A minimal game project that demonstrates how to develop Metaplay features end-to-end.

Game Server

Highly performant and safe C# with shared client game logic.

Authoritative and stateful game server that is the product of over ten years of evolution from our previous companies. Optimised for top-grossing performance needs and game logic iteration speed. Natively distributed architecture makes developing and testing new social features a breeze.

Code once, in C#

No need to duplicate game logic in another language for the server!

Authoritative Server Model

No need to trust the client. Ever.

Local Server

Run the server locally with full Visual Studio debugging support for fast iterations.

Bot Client

A fully programmable bot framework that makes complicated testing a breeze.

Highly Performant

Hand-tuned code paths for optimized CPU and memory use under heavy loads.

Social Logins

Flexible and extensible authentication model based on devices and social accounts.

Game Configs

Bring your own spreadsheets and update servers with new data as needed.

Push Notifications

Send localized notifications either individually or as scheduled mass campaigns.

Cloud Infrastructure

Battle-tested and scalable to hundreds of millions of players.

The Metaplay SDK's infrastructure is completely defined as data, batteries included, making it very flexible and easy to tune for optimal costs or performance. You can deploy as many instances as your team needs and scale the production stack with confidence.

Cloud Native

Fully managed Kubernetes, MySQL and load balancers that are easy to scale horizontally.

Battle Tested

Tested to over a million concurrents and already served tens of millions of players.

Modular Design

Extend the stack with your own infra components or services.

Built-In Monitoring

Pre-configured Grafana and Loki instances for easy monitoring and access to game logs.

Unlimited Deployments

Pre-configured Terraform scripts help you provision and tear down environments with ease.

Infrastructure as Data

Everything is codified and versioned for reproducible results. No more tinkering in web consoles!

Cutting Edge OSS Technologies

Built on industry standard open-source components and actively updated as best practices evolve.

Load Test Tooling

Simulate global scale audiences and incident scenarios to go live with maximum confidence!

LiveOps Dashboard

Easy and secure access to the game for your internal and external teams.

Metaplay SDK ships with a built-in website for accessing and working with your live games. It's your one-stop-shop for managing the game, solving customer support requests, and more. Like the rest of the Metaplay SDK, the dashboard is meant to be customized and extended to your games particular needs.

Manage Environments

Perform routine admin operations, like scheduling a maintenance mode.

Built for Customer Support

Hand-tuned usability for CS agents to do their tasks quickly and efficiently.

Mobile Friendly

Access and manage all your environments on whatever device is closest!

Easy to Extend

Modern web frameworks like Vue.js and Bootstrap make the dashboard easy to work with.

Privacy First

Secure by design with audit logs and tools for GDPR compliance.

LiveOps Ready

Built-in components like segmentation and live events for player engagement.

Debug Tools

View raw player states, export players, browse client incident reports, and much more!

Inspect Live Data

At-a-glance information about the live game, the environment and its underlying infrastructure.

"Does Metaplay work with Internal_Service?"


Metaplay ships as source code and is meant to be extended to your use cases.

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