The (in-house) backend platform for games

Metaplay is a fully programmable and authoritative C# server that runs in your own cloud. Use it to build the multiplayer and social metagames of your dreams!

Come for the Core;

Stay for the Meta

Great games have both engaging core gameplay and meta structures that give it meaning and longetivity.

Unfortunately, building the meta-game can be just as complex and time-consuming as the core gameplay... and that's before the end-game social feature creep starts! We have built the definitive platform and toolset for exactly this purpose.

Metaplay is the fastest way to build, ship and operate feature complete mobile F2P games 🚀

Metaplay Stack

What is it?

Metaplay SDK consist of the following components:

Unity Client Library

Shared code, client prediction, workflow tooling and offline development.

Authoritative Game Backend

Efficient & scalable backend for executing distributed C# game logic in the cloud.

DevOps Infrastructure

All the configurations and tooling to provision and manage your cloud deployments like a pro.

Metaplay is designed for top-grossing mobile F2P development, meaning that the underlying architecture choices and programming patterns are fundamentally scalable to tens of millions of players.

Others already use it to make...

Server Authoritative Gameplay

Roll your own game mechanics that can rely on low-latency & cheat-proof communication.

Examples: builder games with RTS battles, card games, arena brawlers, etc.

Deep Meta and Social Features

Imagine new ways for players to interact with each other, guilds, events, or completely new mechanics.

Examples: guilds, async multiplayer, live events, etc.

Data Driven & Secure Game Logic

With full ownership of the game world you can securely extend the game. All the things simple cloud saves just can’t do.

Examples: in-game purchases, loot tables, season progression, etc.

We're With You
Every Step of the Way

All the support your team needs to develop fast and ship with confidence.

The Beginning

Let’s get your team prototyping and finding the fun as fast as possible!

Unity First

No need to learn new environments or IDEs.

Code Once, in C#

One codebase in one language, shared by both the client & backend.

Great Workflow

Test in Unity editor or your device, online or offline!

Unity offline mode
Develop game logic locally in offline mode for maximum iteration speed!

Full Production

Robust workflows and tools to handle the difficult parts of online game development.

Fast Time to Market

Tools and patterns to avoid the dreaded “Oops, didn’t see that one coming! I need 5 more weeks… again”.

Smooth DevOps

We’ve put in the time to automate DevOps workflows so you don’t have to.

Powerful & Flexible

Fully programmable and customisable under the hood.

Documentation screenshot
Batteries (and documentation) included for production best practices!

Going Global!

When the project is 95% done the last thing you want to do is build yet another push notification server or IAP validator!

Own Your Live Game

Everything runs in your own cloud with no dependencies to us.

Cloud Native

It’s virtual machines all the way down.

Source Available

No black box APIs to work around. Modify and extend in any way you want!

LiveOps Dashboard player management
Manage your game with an extensible LiveOps Dashboard!

Why Does This Matter?

Good Tech Takes Time

Game developers are smart, and experienced developers can no-doubt roll their own tech when needs arise. However, in our experience, it always takes much longer and involves more people than expected. Game projects don’t generally start by making your custom game engine, and backend should be no different!

It's Not Game Dev

Focus, focus, focus. The new mega-successful games studios of our day pride themselves on small, lean, and hyper-effective game teams. Every minute spent on researching deployment best practices is a minute not spent on making what matters the most: a hit game.

Err, What Backups?

Once you are live with super fans and paying customers, the expectations start to mount up, and there’s less and less time to react when things go south. It’s difficult to justify spending the time needed to secure yourself against everything that can go wrong before the game is out. We get to roll all those best practices in from previous projects, so you don’t have to learn the hard way!

You're in Good Company

We work in exclusive partnerships with top-tier game developers. One size doesn’t fit all!

Challenge Us!

Got something ambitious and pondering about the right way to solve the backend story for your project?

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