A game backend like no other

Meet the fully programmable and authoritative game server that's built for top-tier game development.

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Why make games with Metaplay?

Ship your vision, without limitations

  • Control every element of execution, starting from the main loop.
  • Distributed, low latency architecture that is a great fit for developing scalable multiplayer game logic of your own.
  • Easily extend Metaplay as you grow, and never get held back by your tech.

Scale with confidence

  • Battle tested in live games over multiple years to over 100 million players, and growing.
  • Professional tools for load testing against representative staging environments, proven to scale to more than one million concurrents. 
  • Vertically and horizontally scalable compute and storage layers to handle huge concurrent spikes.

Never lose ownership or control

  • Metaplay is deployed into your own cloud, so you own your data.
  • Metaplay ships as source code, so you'll always control every single line of your game's code. 
  • Integrate third-party tools and services and hook Metaplay into your own stack with ease.

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Three more reasons to love us

01 Battle tested and proven

Metaplay is a proven game backend designed for top-tier game development.

02 Make games, not tech

Forget about tech and tools and do what you do best: make great games.

03 Stay lean and focused

Leverage our decades of experience to get to the important things immediately.

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Proudly making games with Metaplay

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A purpose-built backend that's better than in-house

01 Code once, in C#

No need to duplicate your game logic in another language for the backend.

02 Authoritative server

No need to trust the client. Ever. (Unless you want to.)

03 Local server

Run the server locally with no hacks, and full Visual Studio debugging support.

04 Bot client

A fully programmable bot framework that makes automated testing a breeze.

05 Highly performant

Hand-tuned code paths for optimized CPU and memory use under heavy loads.

06 Game config pipeline

Bring your own spreadsheets to roll out OTA updates and AB-tests as needed.

07 Remote debugging

Dashboard tools to inspect game entities, error reports and server performance in the cloud.

08 Low latency

Fit for fully single-player games, or for asynchronous and real-time multiplayer.

09 Batteries included

Out-of-the-box IAP validation, push notifications, social logins, guilds, leagues and more.

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It couldn't be easier to get started

01 Sign up

Sign up to Metaplay and install the Metaplay SDK. Try a sample project and familiarise yourself with our comprehensive support docs.

02 Start developing

Use our pre-built features to cover all the basics and start developing your game.

03 Scale and extend

Progressively develop more features and workflows as your game grows and never get held back by your tech.

Get started

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The key benefit in addition to reliability, support and featureset has been access to source code and full customisability. There are no limitations to what we can implement and operate.

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Arttu Aalto, Co-founder of Playsome

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Top frequently asked questions 

How is Metaplay different from other third-party backends?



Metaplay is the only backend that's purpose-built to handle every stage of production of a top-tier game, from your first line of code right through to liveops and player support.

In practice, that means Metaplay comes with everything you need not only to get started making your game, but also to ensure you can scale it reliably, and serve your players better than any other game can once you make it big.

When you start developing your game, Metaplay's built-in workflows and tooling help you work better and faster, while features common to top-grossing games are built-in if you need them, saving you more precious development time.

Once your game is shipped, you can rely on Metaplay's robust and battle-tested cloud infrastructure to support you as you scale. And when you get to the top, Metaplay has the tools you'll need to quickly and effectively operate your game and serve millions of players per day, like data management pipelines, over-the-air update capabilities, and much more.

The best part? Because Metaplay is fully customisable and extensible, it's easy to add new features and modify existing ones whenever you need to.

And importantly, because Metaplay ships as source code deployed into your own cloud, you'll always be in full control over your game and your data. That means you'll never have to worry about your game not running should anything ever happen to us.

Ultimately, making games with Metaplay is the only way to guarantee the exact same security, flexibility and control as a custom top-tier in-house backend, without having to make or manage it yourself.

What kind of games can I build with Metaplay?



The power of the Metaplay SDK lies in its adaptability, flexibility, and extensibility. Metaplay is the ideal solution for making any kind of game, as long as you've got aspirations to take it to the top. 

You can use Metaplay to make anything ranging from single-player games with server-side persisted state and cheat-proof game logic, to games with deep meta or social features like guilds and live events. Metaplay's server-authoritative backend also makes it an ideal solution for real-time games like builders with RTS battles, card games, and arena brawlers.

Whether you're making a merge game, a match-3 game, another type of puzzle game, a build-and-battle game, or anything in between, Metaplay has everything you need to build something incredible.

If Metaplay really is built for top-tier games, why aren’t more top-tier studios using it?



If you haven't heard of us yet, it's for good reason. Since our inception in 2019 we’ve mostly been operating in the shadows here in Helsinki, working with a few hand-picked game studios to build a game-making platform that they can't live without. The end result is something that we (and they) can confidently say is better than anything else out there.

Our goal has always been to take Metaplay global and help developers far and wide achieve their creative vision, and now, the time has come to make that happen.

We couldn't be more excited to introduce Metaplay to the world, and we can't wait for you to experience the incredible things that you can do with it.

Is it risky to run your game on a third-party backend?



We understand that many game developers are hesitant to use a third-party backend. That’s why we’ve done everything we can to remove vendor risk, and ensure you feel comfortable making and running games with Metaplay not just now, but in the future too.

Crucially, Metaplay ships as source code deployed into your own cloud. That means that you’ll always be in full control of your game and your data, and should anything ever happen to Metaplay, your game will keep on running.

So, while it might be risky to run your game off other third-party backends, you can rest assured that that's not the case with Metaplay. Making games with Metaplay is just as reliable as using an in-house backend, but with all the added benefits of having pre-made features, tools, structures and workflows that help you ship better, faster.

What's included in the Metaplay SDK?



Metaplay consists of:

  • A Unity client library packed with features to make game programming smoother, like shared client-server logic, workflow tooling, client prediction, offline development, and more.

  • A robust and scalable backend that's designed especially for the demands of top-tier games.

  • A devops environment with configurations and tooling to provision and manage cloud deployments. And you don't even need to look under the hood (unless you want to, of course).

  • A first-of-its-kind liveops dashboard for managing multiple areas of your game in one place, such as configuration and player support. Use it to segment your players and run A/B tests, define economies and ship over-the-air updates, and much, much more.

Additionally, the Metaplay SDK ships with ready-made solutions ranging from localization to matchmaking, leagues and leaderboards, content delivery and guilds, and everything in between.

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