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Careers at Metaplay

We're revolutionising top-tier game development. Want to join us?

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A photo of the Metaplay CEO, Petri, smiling during a team meeting.

Meet Metaplay

We're a team of veteran developers with a passion for high-quality games.

Based in Finland and founded in 2019, we're proud to be having a real impact on the game industry while keeping the wellbeing of our people at our core.

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What do we stand for?

The Metaplay logo on the Metaplay office wall.

To empower every ambitious game maker with the technology, tools, and expertise needed to create top-grossing games.

A photo of Metaplay employee Jarkko laughing during a team meeting

To equip ambitious game studios with a pre-made, purpose-built game backend platform that’s better than in-house tech, bringing developers the benefits of top-tier custom tech more simply, more quickly and more cost-effectively than building it themselves.


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What makes Metaplay a great place to work?

01 Experience & know-how

We leverage our decades of experience building games and tech companies to push ourselves to the forefront of mobile game software development.

02 Built on quality

We take the time we need to keep quality at the core of everything we do, from coding new features to tackling complex technical challenges.

03 Full autonomy

Metaplay is employee-owned with no outside investors. That means we're in complete control of our work, and we get to decide how we grow. 

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Our commitment

Be yourself

We are committed to building a safe and inclusive environment for all. People come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and we welcome you to join just as you are.

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Nine more reasons you'll love it here

01 Flexible work location

Most of us come to the office at least once a week, but it's fine to work remotely around that if you need to.

02 Flat hierarchy

We're hands-on, and don't like bogging ourselves down with layers of unnecessary middle management. 

03 Have impact

Your work directly affects games with tens of millions of players. Even the smallest improvements matter at this scale.

04 Self-sufficient

We're wholly employee-owned, so we're in control of our work, and masters of our own destiny. Cool, right?

05 Great benefits

Free lunches, travel, sports and culture vouchers, insurance, and more - so you don't need to worry about a thing.

06 Personal growth

We like learning, and we hope you do too. If there's something you want to learn, we'll help you make it happen.

07 Transparent culture

We share as much as we can, so everybody is included and nobody has to make decisions in the dark.

08 Inclusion & diversity

We're a diverse team with multiple backgrounds and ethnicities, and we encourage people to come as they are.

09 Family first

We love our jobs, but we love our families more (probably?). Work-life balance is a real thing here.  

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In game projects you only ever have time for ‘good enough’ technical work and have to live with the consequences. At Metaplay, we get to keep at it until it’s ‘right’.


Teemu Haila, Co-founder & CPO

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Open positions

Senior Backend Developer

Take new Metaplay SDK features through their entire life cycle, from first concept to live games with tens of millions of players.

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Open Application

Got development skills, but nothing here that matches exactly? We'd love to hear from you anyway!

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Teemu, Metaplay's co-founder and CPO, smiles during a Metaplay team meeting.

Feeling inspired?

We're always eager to hear from talented people who are passionate about our purpose.

If you don't see an opening for your exact skills, but think you'd be a good match anyway, submit an open application and let's talk.