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Metaplay's Commitment to Carbon Neutrality

At Metaplay, we believe that businesses today have a responsibility to care for our planet. That’s why we’ve partnered with Pelimetsä, a forest conservation project created by the Finnish game developer community. 

Protecting our planet with the Pelimetsä project

In collaboration with the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, Pelimetsä is committed to preserving old Finnish forests - areas rich in biodiversity that act as permanent carbon storage, and help ensure the longevity of our environment.  

We sat down with Pelimetsä's worker ant (his words, not ours) and facilitator, Jani Kahrama to talk about giving back, sustainability, and what companies in the game industry can do to help protect our environment. Jani is also the CEO of Secret Exit, and boasts over 20 years of experience within the Finnish game industry scene.

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Pelimetsä has a unique approach to nurturing biodiversity. What do you do, and how can the game industry get involved?

“Pelimetsä is driven by a singular goal: To make it incredibly simple for game companies to do tangible good for the environment.

Here's the process: 

A game company donates money to the Pelimetsä campaign, and the money is used in its entirety by the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation to purchase and permanently protect old-growth forests.

To facilitate the process, the Pelimetsä website features a CO2 footprint calculator that can be used to estimate the appropriate donation size.

This is all voluntary, with no intermediaries, and the results speak for themselves - as anyone who donates can visit the protected locations."

What measurable outcomes highlight Pelimetsä’s impact and how you've helped the industry to give back? 

“Pelimetsä has made respectable strides in conservation, having received 564k€ in donations from game companies and individuals in the game industry.

These contributions have protected two locations covering a total of 330 acres (130 hectares).

As the campaign continues to receive donations, our capacity to preserve more natural areas grows.

Each new location we protect adds to this virtuous cycle where the good news demonstrates our power to make a change, and inspires us onward."

If a game company finds itself financially able to take positive action, prioritizing long-term sustainability over short-term profits is the example we should be setting.

Jani Kahrama, Facilitator for Pelimetsä

How can Pelimetsä's work with Finnish game studios inspire positive change globally?

"Pelimetsä's success lies in its ability to cut through the often complex and demoralizing bureaucratic processes, replacing them with a straightforward and deeply satisfying approach.

A certificate or a diploma does not provide the sense of accomplishment you get from walking in a forest preserved thanks to your contribution.

You've made a meaningful difference with direct action and tangible results - and that's an approach we want to pass on to the industry worldwide.

The key takeaway for everyone, everywhere, should be this: allocate resources where they are needed, and make the impact of contributions visible and personal."

To learn more about Pelimetsä and how you can get involved, head to their website


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