A photo of Jarkko, a coder from Metaplay, working at a desk.

Senior Backend Developer

Take new Metaplay SDK features through their entire life cycle, from concept to live games with millions of players.

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About the role

As part of the team, you’ll be responsible for taking new features through their entire life-cycle: design, implementation, UI, documentation, testing, peer review, and delivery to our customers. We want you to take pride in shipping features that are robust, efficient, well-documented and simple to use. You’ll also guide our customers to get the most out of the platform as well as helping to diagnose and fix issues in their live games.

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What we're looking for


Proficiency in C# or similar language.


Experience in building and operating robust backend systems at scale, ideally for mobile games.

Customer focused

Ability to work with our customers to understand their needs.

Result oriented

Do what it takes to help our customers grow their games with Metaplay SDK.


Great team-working and communication skills.

Fluent English

Our working language for both verbal and written communications is English, so you will need a level of fluency to succeed in this role.

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Experience we value

Mobile game dev

Implementing systems for mobile games: LiveOps events, social features, etc.

Distributed programming

Running distributed code on Akka.NET or other actor systems.

Developing libraries

Developing high quality libraries or SDKs for other developers to build on.


Shipping games with the Unity game engine.

Web tools

Developing web based interfaces, such as admin dashboards.


Working with high performance database technologies such as Dapper, EFCore and SQL.


Monitoring remote systems with tools such as Prometheus, Loki and Grafana.

Cloud native

Shipping and maintaining live projects to public clouds with technologies like AWS, Kubernetes, RDS, Terraform, Helm and containers.

Customer projects

Experience working with external stakeholders in software projects.

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Why you’ll enjoy it here

01 Responsibility

You’ll have responsibility for your own work and an opportunity to make a difference in a growing company.

02 Experience

We are an experienced team of developers who pride ourselves on delivering the best for our customers.

03 Great culture

We have an open and transparent culture founded on constant learning, sharing, and growing.

04 Flexibility

Most of us come to the office at least once a week, but it's fine to work remotely around that if you need to.

05 Salary and benefits

Competitive compensation, extended healthcare, lunch-, travel-, sports and culture benefits and more.

06 It's games!

Making it possible to ship genre-defining games to millions of players is fun. We value what we do, not just the business of doing it.

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Submit your application

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About Metaplay

We license our backend platform to ambitious game developers who use it to create top-tier mobile games.

We strive for high quality, usability, robustness and scalability in everything we do. Our platform is full stack: distributed servers running in the cloud, web dashboard to manage live games and client-side Unity library to enable server-authoritative game logic. The SDK ships with source code and is fully programmable and extensible by our customers.

We are based in Helsinki, as are many of our customers, but it's not a problem if you aren't - talk to us about remote work and relocation.