Laptop on a stone pillar with a mockup of the Metaplay Managed Services Dashboard

Introducing Metaplay Managed Services

Many of Finland's top studios have made exceptional games with Metaplay. And with the launch of Metaplay Managed Services, we’ve made it even easier for you to do the same.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make it easier for studios to get started with Metaplay, and we’re pleased to be seeing in the New Year with the launch of Metaplay Managed Services.

Metaplay Managed Services introduces a new way to use the Metaplay SDK, with Metaplay hosting a game’s production servers on a studio’s behalf. We’re also adding more options to our support services.

Starting from €995 per month, you can use our revolutionary backend to:

  • Build your game quickly with our advanced tech, tooling, workflows, and pre-made features

  • Scale your game reliably to (tens of) millions of DAU

  • Operate your game seamlessly with best-in-class LiveOps tooling

Our expert team's spent decades building this so you don’t have to.

Read on for more, or check out Metaplay Managed Service pricing and test out the Metaplay SDK with no commitment and at no cost.

What are Metaplay Managed Services?

Metaplay Managed Services allow you to run your game on Metaplay-hosted servers, so you don’t have to manage your server infrastructure yourself.

The plans cover both development environments only (for games in pre-launch) as well as development, staging, and production environments for live games.

Self-hosting services are available via Metaplay Private Cloud, a tailored plan for studios who want to run games on their own dedicated servers. Private Cloud includes full use of the Metaplay SDK, with self-managed deployments on any number of environments throughout development and production. 

How much do Metaplay Managed Service plans cost?

Metaplay Managed Service plans are priced according to a game’s development stage, and by extension, the cloud environments provisioned to run it:

Pre-launch games - €995/month

Full use of the Metaplay SDK, with two Metaplay-managed development environments.

Production games - €1985/month

Additional production and staging environments, plus a variable DAU-based license fee of €2.95 per 1000 DAU after the first 5000 DAU.

What are your support packages and how much do they cost?

With a Metaplay Support package, you'll get direct access to expert Metaplay developers for support, consultation, and technical implementation help.

Metaplay Support is available as an additional bolt-on with two distinct SLAs:


Business hours only with first-response guaranteed within one business day.

24/7 AVAILABILITY - €5000/month

24/7 availability with first-response guaranteed within 8 hours.

Community-based support is available through the Metaplay Discord at no extra cost.

Do you have a free trial?

You can download the Metaplay SDK and evaluate it in your own time, either with one of our sample projects or integrated into your game.

Once you're ready to deploy your servers to the cloud, you can choose your Metaplay plan on our website.

Ready to get started?

Our expert team have hand-crafted Metaplay so you can get the benefits of an in-house backend without having to build one yourself.

Once you've taken the Metaplay SDK for a spin, choose your plan and we'll get right back to you to get you started.